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Bicycle Glossary - V


Valve - Bicycle innertubes have valves through which air can be put into the wheels.  The two common types of valves are Shraeder, which are the same as the valves found on car wheels, and Presta valves, which are smaller and lighter in weight.

Var - A manufacturer of bicycle tools. Var tools are characterized by spherical plastic knobs on adjustable parts, and big, rough-finished, die-cast parts.

Vegetarianism - A diet which does not include meat. Variations are Ovo-vegetarian which is no meat and no eggs, lacto-vegetarian which is no milk products, and lacto-ovo-vegetarian, which is no meat, no milk and no eggs. Many successful racers have practiced all three four varieties with varying rates of success. In addition to possibly helping your racing career, there are many studies which indicate that vegetarians have longer, healthier lives. However, there are dissenting opinions also. Your author believes the best bet is to eat very little meat, eggs and milk but not necessarily avoid them altogether. 

Although not directly related to bicycling, many bicyclists, because they tend to be intelligent, open individuals, look into dietary matters, and have determined that eating natural or organic foods is a good choice. They feel that the contaminants in commercial foods may impede performance, clear thinking, and can lead to degenerative diseases which will shorten their lives.

Velodrome - A building housing a bicycle racing track. The velodrome contains a large oval of smooth wooden boards, banked higher toward the outside, in which spectators watch bicycle racing events. Velodromes were much more popular in the late 1800's and early 1900s than they are today.

Vise - a sturdy metal device fastened to a workbench.  Bicycle parts can be held in a vise while being filed, cut, bent, drilled and so on.

Visegrips - Generally the wrong tool for the job! Visegrips are locking pliers with lots of leverage, and big teeth. Visegrips are excellent for holding parts together during welding, for crudely replacing shift levers on motorcycles, and for keeping the alternator from falling into the radiator of your pickup truck. But they are too rough for good quality bicycle work. They leave big tooth marks which often damage nuts and bolts to the extent that they cannot later be removed with ordinary tools and must be cut or ground off. 


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