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Hey, look at me, I'm the curator of what's become a world-famous website! I'll take that responsibility seriously. I've been out of the bicycle business for the past 15 years. Bicycles have changed a lot in that time. I have a lot of new technology to learn. But, I plan to learn everything I can as fast as I can, and pass it along to you in this website. Here is my little bio:

Jeff Napier has owned two bike shops, and co-owned one other. He has personally repaired more than 15,000 bikes during 18 years. Jeff also taught bike repair and framebuilding, and has designed and built a variety of special purpose bikes ranging from cargo carriers to circus bikes.  About 15 years ago, Jeff discovered computer programming, and left the bike business for the computer business.  Now, with the BikeWebSite, Jeff can do both!  Jeff's goal is to make BikeWebSite the world's leading resource for bicycle enthusiasts.  

Jeff lives in Fairfax, California, with his wife Lyn.  When there is lots of  E-mail, Jeff may not be able to answer every letter, but please let Jeff know if you find anything that should be updated, changed, or added. 

[Please let me know of any thing that should be included in these pages or anything that was left out. My goal is to make this absolutely the best resource on the web for bicycle information. Thank you for contacting me, Carl.]

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