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Bicycle Glossary - E


Eccentric - A condition in which a wheel or other rotating device is not round.

Eccentric chainwheel (or chainring) - A chainwheel or chainring which is purposely built out of round. The theory is that pedaling is more efficient with specially eccentric sprockets than with round ones.

Electrolytic action - Over a long period of time, metals in contact, especially dissimilar metals, tend to trade electrons, which causes a kind of corrosion that makes parts become stuck, very difficult to remove. The best way to prevent electrolytic action is to put a thin layer of grease on parts in contact such as handlebar stems, seatposts, and nuts and bolts.

Enamel - A type of paint that is usually slow drying yet fairly durable. The older enamels were very slow drying, but modern enamels dry much more quickly. Although this is generally an advantage, they have wiped out an old, mellower form of painting. Bicycles used to be painted with a brush. The paint would flow out, almost totally eliminating the brush strokes, leaving a very glossy, thick finish. However, you couldn't reassemble and ride the bike for more than a week. See also Imron, and Lacquer.

How-to: Painting bicycles

25-Ways: Painting bikes professionally

English Standard - A set of dimensions used to maintain parts interchangeability among all bicycles following the English Standard. For instance, pedals on a Raleigh will fit cranks on a Univega. Many Japanese manufacturers adhere to the English Standard dimensions. See also Schwinn, American Standard, Italian Standard, French Standard.

See also: Chart of parts interchangeability

Exercise - Yes, bicycle riding is excellent exercise! Because you get to see and interact with your environment, it is more fun than a stationary bicycle. At first, cold, wet or hot weather, noisy traffic, or minor aches and pains may discourage a new rider, but with time, you get used to these things and they no longer seem like problems. Although bicycling is mostly lower body and cardiac exercise, it can also benefit the upper body. When riding hard up hills, the rider pulls on the handlebars while pushing on the pedals, so bicycling can give your whole body a workout.

Extension lever - An extension to a brake hand lever on a downturned, racing-style handlebar. Synonym: Safety lever - which see for more details.



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