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A Tutorial for Bicyclists

Copyright 2002 - 2004, Jeff Napier


This E-book will teach you everything you need to start repairing, customizing and building bicycles and human-powered machines with oxy-acetylene welding/ brazing (also known as "gas welding").  Ready?  Here we go!

Oh, but first, a disclaimer:  Whereas I'm going to tell you about all the safety issues of which I'm aware, welding (brazing) is dangerous, and should be done only when you are alert, and have a helper around who can work a fire extinguisher.  You should also ask a welding expert to oversee your first welding experiences.  I can offer no warranty nor take responsibility for you use of this information, so please be careful.

  Why Gas Welding?

There are two kinds of welding equipment, gas, and electric.  Electric welding is faster to set up, happens faster, and warps large metal pieces less. However, gas ("oxy-acetylene") welding or "brazing" is more versatile.  Since both kinds of welding equipment are expensive, you might be able to afford only one - so go with gas, and you'll be able to accomplish more.  You can weld any kind of metal with gas, plus you can braze (stronger than welding steel), and cut metals.


Selecting Equipment

Transporting Tanks

Setting Up

Lighting the Torch


Welding Steel

Cutting Steel

Welding Aluminum

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