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Transporting tanks


* Never move tanks unless the protective caps are screwed on.  If something should impact the top of an unprotected tank, the valve can be knocked off.  The oxygen tank can hold 2,000 pounds per square inch, so the results will be something like a balloon let free, except this balloon weighs a hundred pounds, and can smash through multiple brick walls.  Quite a show, but not one you'd want to see.

* Never transport tanks in your car or in a closed space.  If for some reason the acetylene tank leaks, the gas can pool in low areas, and might ignite.  This may be OK if it happens in the back of your pickup truck, but not in your Honda Accord's trunk.  Transporting tanks in your car is illegal in some states within the US, and probably illegal elsewhere as well.

* Secure the tanks.  There's nothing quite as worrisome as having hundred-pound metal monsters rolling around and crashing into each other or the sides of your truck when you go around corners.



Caps on tanks whenever you're moving them.


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