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Installing The Front Wheel



If your bike has a front brake, be careful not to damage the brake pads with the tire when installing the front wheel. If your bike has a brake quick release mechanism, you should release it to open the brake further. If the front brake has a straddle wire (short cable) that can be removed without tools, remove it. Don't forget to reset the brake when done!

Re-install the safety plates, if your bike has them.

Tighten the two axle nuts, a little at a time to firmly hold the wheel in place. Note: there should be a washer on each side between the axle nut and the outside of the fork. Make sure the wheel is centered between the forks. You can test to see if the wheel is tight by hitting the side of the tire with the palm of your hand. The wheel should not slip sideways.



Order of Assembly

Safety washer & screw not found on all bikes. There are several variations of these.

Installing A Quick-Release Front Wheel

Position the wheel in the fork and try to close the lever. It will likely be too easy or too stiff to fold over. Turn the knob on the other side to adjust the cam action. Turning the knob clockwise while holding the lever in the open position will make the lever harder to close. If it closes too hard already, loosen the knob. The proper adjustment is such that the lever is quite firm, but not so hard to close that it hurts your hand. Test the wheel to be sure it is secure by hitting the side of the tire near the top of the fork with the palm of your hand. It should not slip to one side.


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