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As you know, a person riding a bicycle is the most efficient animal on earth in terms of travel for energy expended. We are also the most efficient machines by the same criteria. To attain that efficiency, bicycles must be a compromise of weight and expense. Therefore they are fragile and need frequent adjustments.

A bike tune-up is the package of small repairs and adjustments which are applied from time to time to keep your bike in top shape. Why pay the bike shop $30 or more every time your bike needs a tune-up, when with just a little reading and practice you can do a better, more caring job? Why pay them to have all the fun?

What You Will Need


Step 1: Adjust Headset 

              Check Handlebar Stem


Step 2: Bottom Bracket Adjustment

            Check Pedals


Step 3: Adjust Front Wheel Hubs


Step 4: Adjust Rear Wheel Hubs

            In Coaster Brake Wheels         

                  In Three-Speed Wheels

            In Derailleur Equipped & BMX

            Overhauling Rear Wheel Hubs

            FreeWheels - Overhaul & Care


Step 5: Wheel Truing

            Unbending A Bent Wheel

            Flat Spots


            Broken Spokes


Step 6: Bike Brake Adjustment

            Various Kinds Of Brakes

              Replacing A Cable

            The Brake Pads

            Diagnosing Brake Stickiness

            Hand Levers




Step 7: Adjust The Rear Derailleur

            Replacing A Cable




Step 8: Adjust The Front Derailleur

            When To Replace A Cable




Step 9: Finish The Tune-Up


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