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Step 9 - Finish The Tune-Up


 3 Things You Need To KnowBefore You Buy

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* Check the tire inflation. The proper pressure is molded into the side of the tires. Use the highest recommended pressure for all but a few off-road purposes. Use a known good gauge. The air boxes at gas stations with the crank on the side are often inaccurate. Before adding air to tires, make sure they are seated correctly. If a tire is bulging partly off the rim, you must let most of the air out, reposition the tire, and reinflate it carefully to avoid a blowout.

* Check the tightness of all nuts and bolts that you have not already checked. This includes accessories such as a kickstand, luggage carrier and generator lighting set.

* Carefully test ride to make sure the bicycle is safe.

* Enjoy the satisfaction in knowing you have tuned up the bicycle yourself, and have probably done a better job than many professional tune-ups.


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