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Twenty-Five Ways To Make Money With Bicycles

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Jeff Napier


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Wouldn't it be remarkable if you could have a business of your own that was fun, environmentally-friendly, very profitable, easy to do successfully, and required practically no investment? You can, and it is easy!

Starting with as little as $10, you can do it if you live in a small apartment, you can do it if you have only one hour per week, you can do it if you are too shy to sell, and you can even do it if you don't know how. Too good to be true? Read on, and see...

Bicycles are a product you can be proud of. They are good for exercise, they don't pollute, they expand children's horizons, they are fun, they are less dangerous than cars and they are well-thought of by the public. Do you have any friends who are lucky enough to make their living with a product so nice?

Don't let your age affect your decision to start in the used bicycle business. If you are too young to get a job, this may be your only way to make any real money. If you have been told you are too old to get a job, ditto.

The businesses listed in this web site are all related to bicycles. Some involve selling bikes, some are about repairing bikes, some make you money through riding bikes, Some are genuinely unusual. There's something for everyone who likes bicycles. If you like selling, we have some selling businesses. If you don't like selling, we have businesses in which you do not need selling talent. The same goes for repairing and riding. There are many bicycle professionals who actually ride bikes only seldom. They find their enjoyment (and profit) in making other people's rides more enjoyable.

Some of the businesses listed are best done with partners. For instance, if you decide you want to start a full-service bicycle store, you may need some assets that you don't have. Perhaps you are really good at selling, but know nothing about fixing bikes. Your partner, on the other hand, may a great mechanic, but may not have the social skill necessary for selling. Or, you may have the tools for fixing bikes, but live in a small apartment. Your partner may have no tools, but has a nice, big, empty garage to work out of.

It is especially nice when your partners are your family. This is a great way to bring fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, grandparents and grandchildren together in mutually satisfying and profitable enterprise.

Some of these businesses are rather complex and require expertise or money. Others are so simple, kids can do them after school.



This web site is divided into two sections. The first section is a collection of chapters, each dealing with a specific kind of bicycle business. The second, "The Complete Guide To The Home-Operated Bicycle Business," covers all the ground necessary for general bicycle businesses from a simple operation from your home, through a full glass-fronted retail store. Even though you may be interested in one of the businesses in the first section, such as setting up a courier business, you'll find interesting and useful information in the second section.

Enjoy & prosper, - Jeff Napier -

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