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Building Bicycles For Customers With Special Needs


There are lots of would-be bicyclists out there who will need special bikes before they can ride. These include people who have had a wide variety of circumstances to overcome. They may need all control available to a single hand, may need to pedal with only one foot, or may even need to use their arms to provide the motive power. Others may need variations of tandem bikes because they cannot see, but want as much freedom as possible - I just made that up, use your imagination to fill in the details!

You may also have a market for creations which are not technically bicycles but use bicycle technology, such as specialized wheelchairs.

Like other such businesses, the best way to start is to make one or more working prototypes, and let people know they exist. Do not overlook the possibility of advertising your machines on the Internet. If you know about the special needs of your clientele, you probably also know the avenues of communication, such as newsletters and gatherings. Let the people who run the newsletters and gatherings see your creations, and they'll do your advertising for you.

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