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Make an arrangement with one or more restaurants in town to carry takeout orders to local business people and shut-ins who can't easily to the restaurants.

Using flyers, press releases, business cards, personal contact and possibly advertising, you can let the general public know about your service. Don't forget to post notices in the restaurants themselves that you will deliver their food to their clientele.

Once you get a customer, you may have a contract to bring lunch five days a week. Soon, everyone else in the house or in the office will be wanting you to bring their lunch also. To a successful businessperson, the price you will want to charge to bring lunch will be insignificant compared to the lost time of going out to eat, or even sending a secretary or gofer to bring the food back. Plus you, professional that you are, will be sure the food arrives nice and warm.

I think this would work particularly well with natural food restaurants.

If you service only the lunch crowd, then you can work only from about 11:30 to 3:00, but in those few hours you make a good few bucks, get lots of exercise, and have fun doing it.


With a growing clientele and scheduling tricks, such as focusing your advertising on just one or two big buildings, you can bring a lot of lunches in three and a half hours.

Like most businesses, this one may start slowly, but grow quite large.

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