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The Complete Guide To The Home-Operated Bicycle Business

Part 1. Introduction

Wouldn't it be remarkable if you could have a business of your own that was fun, very profitable, easy to do successfully, and required practically no investment? You can, and it is easy! Starting  with  as  little  as $10, you can do it if you live in a small apartment, you can do it if you have only one hour per week, you can do it if you are too shy to sell,  and you  can  even  do  it if you don't know how.  Too good to be true? Read on, and see..."
There are many people trying "get  rich  quick  schemes" everyday,  but  this is much better. It seems that few people know about the money available in the used bicycle  business. This  is  probably an opportunity that will not last forever, perhaps only a few years are left, but it has been  going  on  for  20 years that I know of, and has been getting better all the time.
Bicycles are a product you can be proud  of.   They  are good for exercise, they don't pollute, they expand children' horizons, they are fun, they are less dangerous than cars and they  are  well-thought  of  by  the  public. Do you have any friends who are lucky enough to  make  their  living  with  a product so nice?
Don't let your age affect your decision to start in the used  bicycle  business.  If  you are too young to get a job, this may be your only way to make any real money. If you  are too old to get a job, ditto.
NOW  ABOUT MONEY: The idea is to make money, after all. Used bikes are the best investment that I  know  of  for  the small  investor.  Even  big  investors can make a good profit with used bikes.
I know one man who makes his living (and  a  good  one) buying  and  selling  real estate. Part-time, on the side, he also buys, repairs, and consigns used bikes to two bike shops and makes an additional $7000 per year  after  expenses.  Why
does he do it? He doesn't need the money. But, just like you, he  can  always  use  more money. His main reason however, is that he likes the bikes more than the real estate business.
I have written this course for two purposes:  The  main reason  is  to  make money, and the best income in writing is from telling other people  how  to  make  money.   The  other reason  is  that  I  enjoy teaching something important.  And this is important!  There is a  way  for  you  to  get  ahead
financially,  legally,  reasonably quickly! This is it.  I'll make money telling you how to make money. Good deal?

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