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If you are qualified in bicycle sales or service, or are just fairly knowledgeable about bikes, and live in a large city, you may be able to get a lot of work, and fairly high-paying work as a fill-in mechanic or sometimes bicycle sales person. Let all the bike shops know that you are available when they get rushes of business. In most places, these times are during the spring and summer whenever the weather is especially nice, right when school lets out, right when school starts, and just before Christmas. Right at these times the shops are particularly desperate to get everything done. Zillions of repairs come in, right when the mechanics have to assemble lots of new bikes for sale, and the sales people are pressed to the walls with customers.

You will be necessary to these shops!

Because you are a temporary fill-in person, you'll be paid more than a regular worker. Also, if you are trying to gain experience as a bicycle professional, this is a good first job opportunity which will make a nice plus for any shop looking to hire you for a full-time position later on. In fact, it is very likely that one of the stores you work for on a fill-in basis will want you for the next permanent position that becomes available.

Being clear-headed is more important than trained to many bike shops. They want someone who can use common sense, and figure as much out for themselves as they can. Training is easy with such people. So this is who you want to be. Do not be nervous, bike shop personnel are just like you, but they got their jobs before you did. Whenever you are confronted with a


task, take just a moment to decide if you know what to do before you automatically yell for help. But if you do have the slightest doubt, the shop people want you to ask, rather than taking a guess which may be wrong. Efficiency is also important in many shops. They want to handle as many customers as possible with as few employees as possible. They want a minimum number of mechanics to do a maximum number of repairs. So, try to think steps ahead of any situation you are currently performing, so that you can move quickly into whatever is needed next.

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