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There you are, riding along, happy as a clam in cold mud. And suddenly, you encounter a dog. What should you do?

1. Slow down or stop. There's no fun for the dog in chasing something that isn't moving. Instinct may cause you to try to outrun the dog. Resist the urge. Dogs can be very fast for short distances, and in the excitement of the moment, you may create other dangers for yourself or others.

2. In a deep voice, firmly order the dog to "go home." They often will, but in any case, you're making it clear who's in charge and that you do not approve of their current behavior.

3. Get off the bike and place it between you and the dog. It's a fence to protect you, and if necessary, you can press it against the dog in self-defense.

4. Yell for help. The dog's owner will most likely take control as soon as your plight is discovered.

5. If you encounter the same dog frequently, contact your local animal control agency. In most neighborhoods, it's illegal to let dogs run loose and bother people.

Update: Ever since I got bit one day I have come up with a stronger solution:



Product Description
Make dogs stop in their tracks.

Irritating spray, produces 12' stream.

Here are several dog "tails" where folks have been attacked!




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