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Chances are, you go out for an enjoyable bike ride every day or two. Why not invite some people along and get paid for it? This is called leading day trips. This can be done as an-road or off-road activity. You can choose which level of riding skill you like best, and attract riders at that level. In other words, if you can go a hundred miles in one day, you'd offer to lead others on 100-mile rides. If you prefer a nice scenic five-mile ride, there are other riders who would like that too. In fact, I'm pretty sure there are a lot more people who would like short easy rides than the long ones.

The trick is to offer a really great ride, something more than people can do by themselves. This might mean that you'd have to do some teaching or entertaining along the way. For instance, if you live in a community with a large variety of trees, you could teach about the trees as you ride by them. Or, you might arrange a gourmet picnic two-thirds of the way through the ride. Or, if you are known as an intellectual, you might attract other intellectuals, and your customers could ride along and discuss philosophy, religion, math, whatever your common interests are. Because riding and talking with a large group is difficult, you might instead take a couple of breaks during the ride to stop at scenic locations and have talks at those times.

A thought which has been rattling around in my brain for years is that a day trip business could be based on the concept that most people need motivation to get out and exercise everyday. What if you started an organized morning ride for busy executives? The idea is that every weekday, your ride leaves at six in the morning, and gets back at seven. Your subscribers would pay monthly and show up with you every morning.

To make more money, you could have another group that starts at nine, and a couple more at six and seven in the evening.

Finally, to fill in those afternoon hours, perhaps you could advertise to families that you'll help shape up their couch-potato children on after-school rides. If you are an expert BMX or off-road mountain bike rider, the kids would love it!


Advertising this business would be done like many others. You can plaster the town with flyers, and give business cards to everyone who will take one. Make your flyers and business cards a bright color and put a large bicycle image on them so they will be noticeable and memorable. Because this would be an unusual business, by sending press releases to the local media, you are likely to get photos and writeups in the newspapers, and interviews on TV and radio. This is worth far more than paid advertising.

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