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Building Specialized People-Powered Vehicles


If you have design ideas for special people-powered vehicles, you may be onto something quite profitable. I'm talking about people-powered cars, cargo carriers such as trailers, or bikes built around large cargo boxes, and performance bikes, such as circus bikes, fall-apart bikes, and assorted unicycles.

You have to build one to start. Once you have your first vehicle, you can photograph it, send photocopies to prospective clients, put pictures of it on the Internet, show your vehicle in use around town or in shows. For instance, if you make an ultimate wheel - a unicycle without seat or frame - and can ride it, take it to the unicycle, juggling, and circus conventions, and take orders! You can't buy ultimate wheels at WalMart, so people who have an interest in this specialty will practically line up to buy your ultimate wheels. Especially if they are different or better than other ultimate wheels.

Selling from a prototype can be easy, but it is even easier if you have made some of your vehicles in advance. Then when you have prospective clients, you can satisfy their wishes right away. Some people who might not want to wait for an order to be filled, will buy from you if they can take it home today.

The two approaches to unique vehicle building are to make lots of copies of a single design, or to make your vehicles one at a time, and each one can be unique.


Either way, you'll have fun. Either way, you'll probably have customers who want to have customized variations made for their needs.

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