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Bicycle parts include many nuts and bolts. Some people wonder which way to turn them on their bike. Most of these things on a bicycle, as well as on other household machines, turn like a jar lid. If you turn counter-clockwise, they loosen or come off, and like putting the lid back on a pickle jar, when you turn them clockwise, they tighten.

bicycle repair stand

How tight do you tighten them? There's no easy answer. Do be careful about breaking things. Practice with nuts and bolts around the house that are less critical than bike parts to get a feel for what's right. A great idea would be to buy a broken bike at a yard sale for a few dollars. Tighten and loosen its parts several times. Finally, go ahead and them until they break on your junk bike to find out what the limits are.

Some bike parts are particularly demanding in having just the right tightness. When in doubt, ask an experienced friend to check your work.

Cheap Bike Repair Stand

Here's a way to make a neat bike stand. Since you have to spin the bike wheels for certain parts of the tune-up, and since you probably don't want to crawl on the floor to work on the lower parts of your bike, find a place where you can tie ropes to the ceiling. In your garage may be rafters that you can screw hooks into. Install two hooks about six feet apart and tie ropes to them. Then tie one rope under the seat of your bike, and the other around the handlebar stem. Tie the bike up at a nice working height. If the hooks are far enough apart, the front wheel naturally tends to stay straight ahead, instead of flopping to one side.

Old bicycle brake cable inner wires substitute for ropes in a pinch. Cover them with tape or cloth where they could otherwise mar the seat or finish of the bike.

Bicycle Repair Stand

Roadside Bike Repairs

The minimum equipment you should carry if you ride farther away from home than you'd want to walk back, is a small pump (a good one), patch kit or spare inner tube, and tire levers.

A good Swiss army knife, and adjustable wrench or small "channellock" pliers and hex keys to fit whatever allen head bolts your bike has, are advised for more independence.

You can cut off most of each hex key (also known as "allen wrenches") and leave the big parts at home. All you need is a one-inch piece to fit in the bolt head and grip with a wrench.



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