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Sierra Trading Post Coupons come out occasionally. They actually depend more on continual low pricing instead. In reading reviews and in my own experience, Sierra Trading Post is appreciated for the combination of high quality, low prices and exceptional service. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no pain returns (that INCLUDES Shipping!). Sierra Trading Post is known for it's prompt and efficient customer service, and of course for the great deals it offers in high quality - name brand outdoor gear.
Rated "Super" by it's customers you would be hard put to find a more reliable and solid on-line company. It has a page describing the details here: About STP.


Reviews of Sierra Trading Post by pleased customers:
"They always provide quality products at otustnding prices...I've never been disappointed (except when they don't have what I want in my size!)with a purchase.."

"The style, and craftsmendhip surpassed my expectations. I enjoyed selecting from European clothes that reflect in endurance and quality. Thank you."

"Over several years Sierra Trading Post has always been excellent to deal with. I've never had an occasion to complain about their service nor have their ordering personel been other than polite and helpful. A most dependable company."

"Sierra Trading Post (STP) is a top level outfit. Other mail order operations should strive to match STP's level of customer support and satisfaction. One thing that I truly appreciate is that STP does not gouge Alaskan customers for shipping. Most other mail order operations charge double (or more) the actual shipping costs. I also appreciate that STP will ship by US Postal Service without me having to fight them for it. I always get honest, straightforward service from STP.

"I was very surprised and happy with the service, especially the speed of delivery."


Quote from the Company: "
Sierra Trading Post wants to be your first choice for outdoor clothing and equipment. In order to be the best, we follow three simple "We Believe" statements.
1. That our customers must be given the best possible service.
2. That we must keep our operating costs as low as possible- to keep your savings as high as possible.
3. That our business ethics must be consistent with the faith of the owners in Jesus Christ and His teachings.

We invite you to write our founder and president, Keith Richardson, if what we do does not match what we believe...
We Will Make It Right"

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