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REI Coupons come out regularly. They offer terrific value at the normal 10% off but sometimes require a $75 or more purchase amount. REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) is a much loved company for it's unrivaled guarantee, it's prompt and efficient customer service, and of course for the great deals it offers in high quality - name brand outdoor gear.
Rated "Outstanding" by it's customers you would be hard put to find a more reliable and solid on-line company.

Reviews of REI by happy customers:
"Flawless service. Quality products. Everything I need gear-wise. As a result its the only store I shop at for all my camping and backpacking gear. I've never been dissapointed."

"No need for customer service. Order came 5 days sooner than estimated arrival date, and that's with standard ground from Washington State to New Jersey! Ordered mountain bike fenders which were hard to find on the internet and impossible in local stores, but they had a great selection, several different brands, and wide price range."

"I absolutely have not found better customer service at any retailer of any product. Anywhere. I have spent numerous hours with employees finding and fitting gear for me for 14 years. I feel that REI is a model for how business should be done."

"An outstanding company with innovative products. Customer service is better than any company with which I've dealt. Super friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended."

"Every experience I've had with REI has been amazing. They sell the highest quality merchandise and have a great customer service dept."



Quote from the Company: " Bottom line? You can count on everything we offer to be highly functional, priced right and 100% guaranteed."


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