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Performance Bike has recently changed it's policy regarding coupons. Basically they have pretty much stopped offering them, depending instead on overall low pricing. Should they come out with any you may want to join my email list to be informed. If you are a "higher end" kind of buyer, than this is the company for you!


A  review of Performance Bicycle by a satisfied customer:

"IME I've had better (and quicker) luck with PERFORMANCE. I've not really had ANY bad experiences with any of the 3, but with the  Team Performance upgraded shipping it's generally quicker and cheaper."


Another:   "Good prices on biking accessories, I ordered some lubes and a brush. They shipped fast! "


And: "I really like the pricing of Pbike, I like their frequent shopper points and the free 2-day upgrade with that. However, there are some quirks with Pbike that annoy me. Still I am a loyal customer, since I have yet to find someplace better."


Performance  bicycle coupons are kept entirely up to date, check back whenever you need any cycling gear.


O' yes, they also offer a 100% No Questions Money Back Guarantee and Use Verisign and SSL Encrypted Technology for Absolute Security.


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