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"Jenson USA Coupons, Known For Excellent Service as well as Great Pricing"

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Jenson relies almost exclusively on "clearance prices" rather then on coupons, Join The Email List To Be Informed. They mostly depend on keeping their prices low and have great sales.


Jenson USA is a great company to deal with. In my experience they have the best customer service of all the online cycling supply companies. Along with their price match policy, "30 Day Price Protection: "If we lower our price or you find a lower price at a competitor within 30 days of your purchase, we'll issue you a refund for the difference.""  I always check their prices before going elsewhere.


Another Note: Unsolicited user reviews are included with product, for example check this: Shimano XT M750 Series Rear Derailleur


A typical review of JensonUSA:

"Jenson USA is one of my favorite places to shop for high-end mountain bike parts. My experience with Jenson has been excellent... both in the quality of the products I received and the customer service.
Products always arrived well-packed, in good condition and on time. I always paid far less than I would have at my local bike shop.
I just wanted to post up about the great customer service that I recieved from Jenson. I placed an order that I recieved quickly. One item I had an issue with (eggbeater pedals - both were left hand threads even though they were labelled right and left). Called up jenson customer service, explained the situation and they shipped out another set. I was on the phone for all of 5 minutes. Most places would be asking for the other set back before they shipped out the new ones.
Places that have great prices and are quick to get your order out are good but you can really tell a great company by how they react when something goes wrong."

The site is professionally designed, check out is easy, and follow up emails regarding your purchase are accurate and timely. "


"I have to agree. I had a problem with international shipping charges a month ago. I emailed them, and they refunded the extra charges just like that, unlike Beyond B who just took the money and lost another customer."


"I have been a customer of Jenson from almost day one!!! From their shoebox sized first "showroom" to the giant facility they have today, one thing has remained constant--- a commitment to putting the customer first!!! Congratulations on your success."



"I ordered a whole bike from Jenson in parts. They had the best deals on pretty much everything. They were very helpful and since I live in CA I got my order in less than 2 days via ground shipping. They always seem to have the best deals... and have the best website design and ease-of-ordering I've seen so far."

O' yes, they also offer a 100% No Questions 30 day Money Back Guarantee, same day shipping, and "Extreme Support". With the service they offer and a Jenson coupon code you will often find JensonUSA the best choice.



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